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The Most Popular SEM Booty Posts of 2012

January 28, 2013


It’s always interesting to look back at what content appeals most to your audience. You can use this information to create more deep content around popular topics and re-apply the SEO approach and promotion you did to help drive traffic.

Inspired by this, and WordPress’ most excellent review of 2012 blog data, here’s a roundup of the most popular SEM Booty posts of 2012.

1. Tips for Writing your Annual Search Marketing Plan

Get the low-down on what to include in your search marketing plan. This post covers the basic structure of your plan, how to map out and present timelines, what to cover in your budget allocation, and the key metrics you should be thinking about.

2. KPIs that Matter – A Three-Tier Model for Web Marketing

What KPIs do executives really care about? This post from May 2012 answers that question and proposes a model that can be applied to cater for both executive needs as well as supporting measures that help keep day-to-day operations on track.

3. How to get more PPC Funding Using Gap Analysis

If like me, you feel like you could do so much more if only you had a bigger PPC budget, then this post is for you. Learn about gap analysis and how you can use it to secure additional funding for your program. This post covers a high-level gap analysis approach for executive funding, as well as a segment-level gap analysis for other potential internal group sponsors.

4.  Are your Custom PPC Pages a Waste of Time?

It’s a common PPC dilemma  — use an existing page on your web site or create a custom PPC landing page? The answer is not always black and white. This post covers the key things you should consider before making  a decision, including the current scale of your PPC program as well as your company objectives (short-term conversion vs. user experience).

5. Five Killer Learnings from the aimClear Facebook Intensive Workshop

Last June, I was lucky enough to attend the aimClear Facebook Intensive workshop. Read about the key takeaways from this eye-opening workshop including the real purpose of Facebook for marketers, how to grow your like base, the importance of content aggregators, and why social media marketing (when done right) will require a lot more love and effort than you initially think.

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