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An Introduction to E-Commerce

April 19, 2010

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to branch out into the wonderful world of E-Commerce, in particular high-tech B2B E-Commerce. It’s kind of interesting when you think about it; someone who is responsible for social media – with its “loose” metrics and ever-elusive connection to ROI – to also be wearing the E-Commerce hat.

I have a feeling that further down the line, the partnership between Social Media and E-Commerce may not be as odd as it initially seems. On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing and E-Commerce immediately opens up endless opportunities for web conversion. This journey is going to be a real eye opener and a great chance to apply some pretty cool integrated online marketing.

Some key questions to consider when setting up an E-Commerce operation:

  • Will you build your own custom E-Commerce site, or use an existing software solution?
  • What products will you offer? Your full portfolio or just a sub-section of it?
  • Will the order go directly to yourself or through to a distributor?
  • Will you handle fulfilment yourself, or use a third-party vendor?
  • How will you promote the availability of your online store?

Right now, I’m in the “learning as I go” phase. I’ve been reading up on the basics, but hoping to get my hands dirty in the coming months. Here’s a few useful articles I’ve come across:

If anyone has any tips and wise words of advice for me, I’d love to hear.

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